Title:Footbridge – viewpoint in Minas de Rioseco
Location:Rioseco-Llamo, Riosa, Asturias
Status:competition, built
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz+Nacho Ruiz Allen+Sara Lopez Arraiza


Slow down, disconnect, become captivated by the vastness of the landscape and think. To reach the walkway-lookout requires a physical and mental effort.

The village of LLamo, with only a dozen inhabitants, marks the beginning of the walking route. We enter the Aramo Mountains, a mythical place of European mining, whose presence dates back no less than the Neolithic (4500 BC).

The point of arrival is the Rioseco Mining Village, which was created with British capital in the late nineteenth century and remained active until the 60s of the twentieth century.

The proposal puts in value the natural landscape and industrial heritage, history and memory of the mining of our country.

The walway is integrated with the slope of the topography, placing its access at the highest point of the industrial settlement, landing lightly on his thick pillars and a cyclopean wall, from where it flies over the landscape. The walkway becomes a cantilever lookout, which offers spectacular views where the hiker found a temporary shelter.

The project is built in dialogue with its ruined context. Concrete, rusty metal and recycled wood are the only three materials, which interact with a fourth protagonist: the atmospheric.

Three materials which have been combined with great economy of means, and have already enabled hundreds of hikers enjoy a moment of pause…fulfillment in front of the landscape.