Title:Landscape reversal alchemy
Location:Tres Minas, Vila Pouca de Aguilar, Portugal
Status:commission, in progress
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz
Nacho Ruiz Allen
Lucía Martínez Trejo
Sara Lopez Arraiza


The project proposes a series of specific actions in an ancient Roman exploitation of gold. Two huge foot prints in the ground are the archeological consequence of an ancient Roman gold exploitation. The Corta de Covas and the Corta da Ribeirinha are the most obvious witnesses of the former activity. But a closer inspection reveals other traces, more subtle, around them: large blocks of milestone, ancient millstones, old paths, abandoned galleries, archeological ruins that are surfacing summer after summer due to the intermittent excavations. The recovery of this unique environment must be done through various surgery actions over the landscape. An Interpretation Centre, an Arched Cover for the roman village ruins, accommodation for visitors, and two cantilevered balconies over the mining voids, are some of the projects that will be placed on the site, creating a new stratum to join those which, for millenniums, have shaped this landscape.