Title: Parachutes Pavilion
Location: Coney Island, New York, USA
Year: 2005
Program: culture
Status: competition
Team: Josean Ruiz Esquiroz
Nacho Ruiz Allén


The new pavilion to be built in the shadow of the Parachute Jump should be a“footprint” in the literal sense of the word due to its location quite close to thetower. Vertical components should be minimized and newsolid surfaces andspaces are supossed to play with a gravitational negative force strongly marked.Final image of the pavilion reminds the negative of an authentic preterit volumealready forgotten.
The inner surfaces emerge from an helicoidal movement that generates acontinuous space where spatial orientation is lost owing to rotation displacement. Spiral is possessed and turns into a seizure. Centripetal tensions and dislocations colonize the espace and horizontal vertigo feeling provokes isolation from outside.
In the Spiral space is expanded and compressed sametime. Both conditions are held by a trace developed through a continuous surface. Over this trace displacement is constant but there are no spatial variations.
At the beginning, enclosures were just the logical result of a protection desire. Later façades suggested composition. At the second half ofthe twentieth century they became information devices also. Nowadays the capacityof interaction of a
skin with its immediate context defines its value. The newPavilion skin will provide climatic features and act as an interface collecting energy through multiple solar cells placed over its surface that obtain enough energy to cover the
illumination requirements of the pavilion and to realize the Parachute JumpLighting Program.
Absence of ideology is what could define an actual space ready to absorb programs with absence of defined contents. But no ideology doesn ́t mean neutral space. New spaces should inspire and improve establishment conditions.
The stands and leves formed by the Spiral, as non-neutral-framework but able to receive different contents and meanings, provide conditions to support easily resting, consuming and contemplative initiatives. The Spiral also goes one step
further. Centrípetal forces generate a first-sight understandable threatical space similar to a circus ring were all kind of events can be developed.