Title:Santa Clara Quarters Regeneration
Location:Úbeda, Jaén, Spain
Program:master plan
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz
Nacho Ruiz Allén


Time as movement:

This project is created through a movement between the plot’s limits. The movement affects the limits’ internal geometry by interpolating itself between opposite pairs: east-west, north-south, perimeter-patio. The result covers the whole surface of the plot, respecting its existing limits.

Time as memory:
Preexistences represent the archaeological time. The project respects what has been written by the past in the ground floor of the part built, and it frees the rest to create public space. The plot is thus treated like an outdated book that has been partly written by the future.

The passing of Time:
The starting point of this project is the interpretation of the Andalusian patio as a time machine that makes sunlight’s movement evident. In this case, the patio ceases to be an extrusion in the plan, to become a porous fabric placed diagonally. Result: the presence of chiaroscuro in the new public spaces.