Title:Serie oO_03
Program:Non standard furniture design
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquíroz
Nacho Ruiz Allén
Lucia Martinez



The e_o0 series is an open design. It is a reflection on the production methods of the post-industrial era and the generation and manipulation of form through digital tools.

It is not an object or content, it is rather a container.

It has not an ideal form but multiple configurations.

There is not a vague geometry but precise geometry.

It is drawn directly in 3D and manufactured by CNC machinery. Is not standardized or produced by a craftsman. It has no aura or romanticism about the handcraft.

It has a very low cost because of the lack of skilled labor. It is easily assembled on site by anybody in a few hours.

The e_o3 is third avatar of the series. It was built in Pamplona in 2006. It creates a space for accumulation and, at the same time, a threshold between three spaces. The bookcase opens on two points to access the two hidden bedrooms, behind the wall that supports it.