Title:NCCA Moscow
Location:Moscow, Russia
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz
Marta Muñoz


The NCCA is a battleship for art. The proposal captures the current ambition of creating a museum capable of attracting international interest, with the formal ambition deployed by Constructivism in his famous Moscow school Vkhutemas.
The project is located in the Khodynskoye Pole, where the first airfield in Moscow was built in 1910, the Khodynka Airfield. This area of ​​Moscow has largely been associated with the war machine, either as an aerodrome, or as a testing ground for the Red Army aviation technology. But in the near future the battle flows will become the movements, trends, actions and strategies of international art.
The proposal броненосцем (battleship) is formalized in one volume with a dual treatment, the north side follows the curved geometry of the plot obediently, but the south side shows a vibrant boundary with the main halls flying over the entrance plaza, creating outdoors spaces which organize the main entrances and could be used for concerts, screenings, workshops or conferences. Their construction will be carried out with aircraft technology: lightweight aluminum alloys structures and carbon fiber coatings giving the NCCA a strong aircraft identity, combining the strength of a battleship, with the lightness of a hypersonic jet, such as the sukhoi pak-fa.
The inner organization is very clear: the formal multiplicity of the south contrasts with the compactness of the north, where a strip of 4 meters wide includes all the services and utilities, such as the emergency stairs, lifts, toilets, storage spaces and service shafts; releasing the rest of the museum space and achieving a greater flexibility to the exhibition halls. The NCCA back-of-house, for loading-unloading area and parking is located in the northern street, sharing the zone with the massive Aviapark mall.