Title:Attic Lounge DAH
Location:Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
Program:residential, inner renovation
Status:commision, in progress
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz+Marta Muñoz Martín


In the heart of Pamplona, the famous architect Victor Eusa designed the Crédito Navarro headquarter. The first version, in June 1932, recalls the European modern rationalism between wars. The second expansion district required opening Plaza del Castillo Square to Carlos III Avenue, and this fact implied Gayarre old theater demolition. The two following versions lost the ambition of the first one, even the conservative final approach of May 1934.

The final design tries to recover the use of the roof, conditioning it as an outdoor living room accessible from the attic, old house of the housekeeper.  It is a small project, halfway between interior design, architecture, and gardening, but aware of the importance of Eusa in the introduction of Navarra modern architecture, trying to resolve lightly and precisely the need to extend the housing life to the outside. Therefore, it is proposed to create an intimate patio with three materials, wood-cement panels, expanded sheet and glass, where the joints between them are studied with the care of the Eusa boards in the Casino Eslava (1931). There is also a light elevated walkway, to be able to contemplate the boiling of Carlos III and the Plaza del Castillo square, authentic civic halls of Pamplona.