Title:Magic box – footbridge
Location:Villafranca, Navarra, Spain
Program:mix- use
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz+Marta Muñoz


Villafranca of Navarra is divided in two by the train tracks. The only existing connection is a level crossing on an avenue dedicated to a famous writer. The new footbridge construction is proposed as a continuation of one of the most important streets, where the main facilities are located.

Its construction not only facilitates communication between both sides but also takes advantage of a wooded public space of almost five thousand square meters. In order to do this, a magic box is proposed at its mouth.

This magic box is built recycling 40 feet maritime containers. This simple volume opens in different ways. One of its biggest doors is opened in guillotine turning into an outdoor cinema screen. On the top of the box, they can hold plays or concerts. When a second tilting door opens, a bar appears to offer drinks to the public. It also has two more compartments. One to store chairs and audiovisual material, and the other one to store sports equipment. The latter is very required by the elders of the place, for whom the possibility of practicing outdoor sports is offered.

The magic box will work as a kind of transformer, capable of opening and closing to satisfy a multitude of situations required by the inhabitants of Villafranca, now closer than ever.