Title: Back to the Future_Arquia Valladolid
Location:Valladolid, Spain
Program:inner renovation
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz
Marta Muñoz


New Arquia headquarters in Valladolid: Back to the Future
Digital Optimism_The new Arquia headquarters in Valladolid reflects a double condition, first the need for optimism in our discipline, so undervalued and discredited in recent years, and on the other, the commitment to the new digital generation, at a time when the digital has become a second nature.
Two levels, the ground level faces the streets of Peru and Acera Recoletos, where the office is perceived as a unique space, attracting public gazes, wide open to the city through his double transparent skin. A second level, hidden from the street, unfolds a more intimate, less protagonist, with three stripes and functional packages. At both levels, the clear distribution allows a great versatility.
Liquid Furniture_Architecture reflects the liquid condition of the information society at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The central cabinet flows and folds, articulating the space around it and providing the cash desk, the signatures table, embracing the existing column, and, through modulated cuts, integrating lighting and mechanical ventilation.
Adapted to the structure_The proposal maintains the existing structure, open as much as possible facade windows vertically, and tearing the holes of the first level, thus achieving a maximum of natural light.