Title:The Sheltering Sky_Zarautz
Location:Zarautz, Euskadi, Spain
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz
Collaborations:Daniel Guerra


“The sky hides the night behind it and shelters the people beneath from the horror that lies above” Paul Bowles
Heaven protect us from the vast outer space, the infinite black space…and gives us a wonderful spectacle of blue, gray and cloudy colors, but the universe is black and unlimited … To Hide the blue sky with an opaque cover is losing its beauty with over protection.
We propose a transparent roof of 2000 m2 to cover the Igerain Gain Plaza at Zarautz (Spain) . This cover collects and stores rainwater in two cisterns underground, and converts the solar energy, with a series of photovoltaic panels, into electrical light to power the nighttime and the wi-fi systems.
This roof is materialized with wood-cement slats, filtering the direct sunlight and creating a homogeneous and pleasant light for recreational activities.
Under this Sheltering Sky we will dispose a new urban living space, where the existing programs could continue: mini football field, three minifrontones, and a new pedestrian connection is planned, and an extensive children’s playground, with the possibility to be used as theater, concert hall, market or neighborhood assemblies, regardless of rain.
The proposed coverage, with 15 meters of light in its main span, make possible to mantain all the existing trees, benches and elements. In the northern boundary a new green is introduced. A vine plant grows into a metal mesh hanging from the structure. These meshes are protecting pedestrian from football and other sports shootings.