Title:Barvarian History Museum
Location:Regensburg, Germany
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz
Marta Muñoz

Collaborations:Alberto Montero
Marta Sebastian


STRATA BAVARIAN HISTORY MUSEUM_ Regensburg History is an accumulation of time strata. Our proposal pretends to make them visible, materializing time through the strata of gneiss rock, very rich in the quarries of Bavaria. From the urban point of view, the museum must solve a difficult condition: the symbolic façade towards the Danube, where the Museum should display his most memorable
architecture, on the other hand, the complex integr ation into the existing fabric, defined by various dividing walls and alleys. The relationship between these two conditions is firstly articulated by Hunnenplatz plaza, where the main access to the museum is located in a
covered space, and secondly with a passage in dialogue with the existing under the Kolpinghaus , which frames and gives access to the
market square in the bank of the Danunbe. The facade towards the Danube is fold, creating public stands which offer the possibility to
perform shows over the square near the river. At the same time, it gives access to the public roof garden, where the restaurant and museum exits are located. On the roof garden emerge four volumes, corresponding to the restaurant, the Bavarioteca, the “Bavarian Heaven” and the Parliament gallery. In three of these galleries there are double glazings openings that allow breathtaking views of the Cathedral and the skyline of Regensgburg, at the same time that are functioning as a passive solar energy interchanger.