Title:Sidney Library and Square
Location:Sidney, Australia
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz
Marta Muñoz

Collaborations:Alberto Montero


Flying Carpet creates an extreme versatile urban square, free of obstacles and technologically full equipped. Thanks to a simple fold, the urban center duplicates its programmatic surface, differentiating two areas: The hard square_At ground level a hard square allows the flow of pedestrians across the streets, and between retails and restaurants. The flying carpet_Rising from East to West and continuing the Zetlag
Avenue, a “soft square” is folded up, forming steps where citizens could relax, watching the Drying Green Park. This large slab will be eminently green, except the stairs that will be made from recycled wood. Technological canopies_Over the hard square, there are two covered areas: one permanent and massive, another temporary and textile. During the summer, thanks to a cable system, a temporary textile canopy will be installed, joined with water sprays nozzles over the south side of the square. The library_The library is located under the flying carpet, at
the East of the square. Its height is divided into four levels. The first two are set back on the ledge cover, creating a protected porch. Inside the library, several voids are cut, connecting spaces vertically and diagonally.