Title:Industrial unit
Location:Talluntxe, Navarra, Spain
Status:commission, in progress
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz+Marta Muñoz Martín


In order to achieve this office and industrial unit project, it has been reused ten 40 feet intermodal transport containers, conforming structural mixed arcades of V-pillars and trusses vierendeel. Between these arcades, the light is filtered through bands of polycarbonate skylights.

The container is one of the most representatives’ elements in our capitalist society. It is calculated, there are 800 millions of containers in the world. Their lifetime in transport it is estimated between 8 and 10 years. To melt a container requires about 8000Kwh, while to convert it into a constructive element or housing, only between 400-800 Kwh. This fact becomes them into a problem for the environment.

The industrial unit it is located in the Industrial area of Talluntxe, Navarra. It is arranged between party walls and has two facades of 16 x 10 meters to two streets. On Calle A, the access to the offices is
through a nucleus of stairs and an elevator. In Street B, a loading dock with a hydraulic platform is installed, saving the difference between the two streets.

The warehouse is solved by metal shelves for pallets and stackers of the bilateral system. The repetition of standardized grids and modulations derive from international logistics requirements.