Title:SEEH Greece
Location:Crete, Greece
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz
Marta Muñoz

Collaborations:Alberto Montero


Innovative Bioclimatic European School Complex in Crete, GreeceThe proposal solves the three schools with simplicity, economy and rationality. Nothing is superfluous and nothing is missed, in the design of the three buildings, which are stepped over the hillside, looking for the correct orientation, and inserted into a perfectly modulated grid. The game of hopscotch inspires the simplicity of the plot. A promenade, i.e., a cinematic experience which starts at the lower level of the parking lot, cross up the three schools, as in the universal board of the hopscotch, which achieves to organize rationally the complex program with a minimum footprint. Each building is autonomous and enables a construction in phases. Thus, functional autonomy may be adapted depending on the economic disposal.