Title:Voronoi Parks in Torrelodones
Location:Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain
Program:master plan
Team:Josean Ruiz Esquiroz
Marta Muñoz

Collaborations:Alberto Montero


Torrelodones is perceived by the visitor as an inverse desert, where its arid public parks and its narrow sidewalks contrasts with the “suburbial happiness” of the world that is sensed after the thick fences of private property: immaculate lawns, colorful gardens, children splashing in pools crowd… in short, a public desert surrounded by dozens of private oasis. The proposal tries to solve this imbalance in three
public parks, with the recovery of rainwater in a network of cisterns strategically placed, so that during the twelve months of the year those parks could be watered without waste drinking water. To locate the cisterns, we have used the Voronoi diagram. It is an algorithm based on
the equidistant lines from a set of points, which locate the areas of influence thereof. Using the tree trunks as points, we locate the most
distant areas, so we can bury the tanks without disturbing the stability of the subsoil. The design of the landscape is determined by three
superposed layers, associated with three types of time: the cycle time of the growth and transformation of the plants, the determined time by the movement of people, and the indefinite time of the events that will happen around the park equipment.